The oldest religion of the world is...Medicine

After the latest Covid (writing this in 2020) fiasco, it has become obvious to me that medicine is a religion-the people within the organization are a rather tight knit group, rarely criticizing one another, always presenting a united front. It may be because if you raise your voice and dissent, you are banished from the establishment, and all your studies and training of many years and decades becomes useless instantly (need license to practice). The people at the top of the pyramid of medicine act like high priests; and most at the bottom just comply and do what the ones at the top tell them. This religion is far stronger than other religions-it really does pervade all countries and has survived in parallel with all religions since the beginning of time.

The medics believe themselves to be saviors of humanity, just like the priests. The attitude of "we know what's best for you" prevails this profession; and as my friend Maha in Mendoza, Argentina says-instead of calling us clients, we are called patients. Because we are supposed to wait patiently so the medic deigns to attend to us? The doc is always late to the appointment; and it is a given that going to him will always result in a few hours of just waiting for him to see you. They have sold their profession well to the masses.

I will state again that it is not all medics who are like this, but the percentage who believe that they are know-it-alls is high, 50% to 70%. The majority are indoctrinated into the cult of medicine. Looking at them as just another religion or cult makes it much easier for me to understand them-do not expect respect as a customer, expect recipes for saving your life and making it better, all unproven, but approved within the hierarchy and celebrated as science. There are a lot of lies which are sold as scientific (see my ever expanding list of phony professionals and specialists) and the way they have dealt with Covid (quarantining and locking down people without proof that such strategies help at all in containing the infection, problems with testing of Covid (including false negatives and positives), problem with how deaths are called Covid (seems like everything is called Covid now to inflate the numbers), no clear proof that wearing masks and social distancing helps in containing infections, etc.) should make it clearer to everyone why I call Medicine the oldest religion of the world. My detailed article on Covid data goes more over this gaffe of medical science.

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