Errors of medicine-mercury in vaccines, uselessness of yearly flu shots

UPDATE: After Covid hit in 2020, it has become clear to me that all vaccines are total junk. The immunity via antibody or T cells is a ridiculous theory. The antibody tests go all over the place [they plot them on log scale to reduce the spread!], and they are all relative anyway (lab-lab difference is expected, no standardization). Higher antibody levels do not ensure better real life outcomes.
We need to dump vaccine science for good.

Mercury/Thimerosal in Vaccines

I looked at some data on Mercury (thimerosal) in vaccines causing autism in children. There is lots of data-every researcher in the world has published data to suit whatever they wanted to prove. Mere data taking doesn't lead you to good results-ancient Greek astrologers and all astrologers of even this day try to predict what will happen in the lives of millions of human lives individually by observing the motion of a few dozen planets and stars. They are as convinced about their good and meticulous data taking as these medical researchers are about theirs. Neither has taken a course in logic and reasoning, a course which used to be taught to university students in Adam Smith's times but someone has gone away now, a very unfortunate happening. Good logic and reasoning is highly lacking in medical research, and even in physical sciences (non biological-physics, chemistry, engineering) research to a large extent.

I came to know of two mothers who have autistic kids (in total, 3 kids). The mum of one is a smart woman, and she gave me this observation-when her daughter was vaccinated at 12 months of age, she just turned weird the next day, went completely blank. And she knew then that something has changed.

Mercury (Thimerosal) is already banned in the UK, Japan, Denmark and Russia. It is banned in the States of Colorado and California in the USA.

And the rest of the world is listening to this garbage data produced by medical researchers saying it is safe  to put mercury in vaccines! I am appalled at this!

You don't need to prove something is unsafe. You start with the assumption that stuff like mercury is unsafe-we all know of mercury poisoning from high school chemistry. Why these vaccines even became popular I can't tell, but now that they are, the very fact that mercury poisoning is a well known phenomenon should be enough to first ban these medicines, then decide if they want to release them. The status quo pervades-something which has been going on seems to continue to go on even if the logic of it was and is absurd at the first place.

The US FDA has a big role in this. They are followed all over the world, and it is because of this that in Chile we we still have vaccines with mercury in them. And most other parts of Latin America. Canada is also in this boat-until the US FDA does something, the medical community will forcefully inject these vaccines into your baby's body. There is another issue here of the medical community (American Medical Association, Canadian Medical Association, Chilean Medical Association, etc) using FORCE to make parents vaccinate their babies, which I think is completely wrong, these guys are not good scientists as a group and are claiming to take care of the general population by doing this-and most of these doctors and medical researchers can't even understand the black swan problem (Taleb)---that no amount of observations of white swans proves that all swans are white. But I will reserve this post about my conclusions on the subjects of more importance-errors in medicine like this one of mercury in vaccines.

With mercury, that they are waiting to ban it is amazing. Chile even banned it for some time, but then has started to administer those vaccines again. Thousands of children will get autism before the medical community accepts that they are wrong (the public is not as stupid as they like everyone to believe) and mercury is banned in vaccines.

Yearly Flu Shots

Another error is this flu shot which is given every year. WHO (World Health Organization) has a massive campaign on that-they track the flu virus from country to country, and from one hemisphere to the other, and you are given a vaccine against THAT strain of the flu virus (and some others of the previous years) and it is said that you won't get flu if you take this for that winter. And every year the virus is new. The most popular virus is taken and administered, and you are told that you won't get flu.

What my personal experience, and adding up the experience of people around me who have taken this flu shot in several countries, is that you still get the flu. And the medical community has injected some useless vaccine into your body, charged you or the government some money for it (eventually what is charged to the government also comes out of the your pockets, but indirectly), and you are left with the same risk profile as before.

The science behind this tracking one strain of the flu virus (they have scientific looking names like H1N2 etc) is really stupid. You are immunizing against one strain of virus-and we know that people are still falling ill with flu-because there are other strains, hundreds and maybe thousands of them, which infect the body. You are not able to prevent flu by this vaccine-why are you still promoting it? Obviously the drug companies which make these vaccines have loads of data to support that it prevents flu-but look around you, look at the number of people who fall sick with this vaccine taken, and the ones who do without the vaccine, and you will find no difference! PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS FLU SHOT EVERY YEAR! Garbage science, garbage research, money gone down the drain, and for babies, a little bit more mercury poisoning in their system.

Here's how to reduce the chances of getting a cold/flu at the first place.

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