Family Values and Tribalism

Family values are very strongly related to tribalism.
Asian Societies are more "family-oriented" than Western Societies. An extremely tribal society marries within itself-marrying their cousins and sisters and brothers.
As a country becomes secure and peaceful, people lose their affection for family (pointed out clearly by Adam Smith in Moral Sentiments-but he I believe emphasized the role of Government there; I dont think the Government matters that much in this development). They feel secure relating to other individuals of other families; they are happy to make new friends, and as they become more secure, marry from other families. Mate selection becomes wider-and more efficient. "Your friends are the family you choose to be with, your biological family is the one you are born with (and didn't choose)", is something I hear often in South America. A true mark of a peaceful people.

Tribal societies (in humans), with few exceptions, are always male dominated. A "dominant" male takes up many wives. The more peaceful and secure a society, the stronger are the females. I have reason to believe (but can't prove it) that it is the stronger females which cause societies to become peaceful.

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