Thoughts on mate selection in humans

As I have previously said in another post, I classify humans in two major groups determined by their GENETIC MAKEUP-polygamous and monogamous (there is another group maybe, the asexual human, but at this time, these two groups are sufficient to explain things...).

Mate selection in free societies, where females dominate in the selection process (males with sleep with anyone; the females are in control in free societies) is determined by this major classification. The polygamous females will choose polygamous males; the monogamous females will choose monogamous males.

I don't want to put human males in the black widow spider mate group-they do have control, but most of decisions on mating behavior are made by females in FREE and LIBERAL human societies.
This I say from my observations of humans around me.
You can throw away all those psychological compatibility tests, and all other crap which social sciences and psychology etc. tell you to follow (an example here, which made me write this post),  mate selection on a GENETIC basis is really selection by polygamous and monogamous females for males. And the GENETIC basis of mate selection is the only real and lasting basis-you won't last long with someone who likes to sing pop songs like you do, or other irrelevant habits and "things you have in common". Mate selection is robust, enduring and not dependent on silly things like preferences for music or food-the real robustness being GENETIC in nature.

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 Genetics-the mother of everything


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