Beauty, and why plastic surgeries are useless

Some observations on beauty and plastic surgeries.

The human body has around 10 trillion cells. While people look at a nose, ear and leg as different parts of the body-inside all the cells of the parts of the body is the same DNA. Further, from stem cell research and embryology, we know that the same cells are responsible for multiple organs and "systems" in a body (e.g. respiratory system).

Therefore when we say someone is pretty, that they are good looking, we are not talking about the nose, the shape of their lips, only; we are talking about the whole organism, and the most important part, the DNA. The DNA has expressed itself as a beautiful nose, and that's why I think that woman is pretty and has a beautiful nose. That's why my sister likes the wonderful arms of that guy, because the DNA has expressed itself in that arm. What you are capturing is the essence of the DNA. Embryology tells us that that beautiful nose might be a signature of a good respirating system, of large lungs, for example; which in turn is the representation of a superior DNA in that person. That is what beauty is.

This is also related to sexual selection as proposed by Darwin-I believe Darwin is quite mistaken here; unlike in his Origin of Species and Natural Selection. But for now, the important thing to realize is that when we call a man or a woman good looking, we are not talking about their bodily parts-we are talking about their superior genes. In some ways-good looking is the same as a "healthy" body. Someone who has a pretty nose has a good respiratory system, someone who has nice lips has a great liver (digestive system), etc. The secondary sexual characters like the plumage of a peacock, horns in animals, beard in humans, etc. are all correlated with good internal organs, good health of these organs and system, and might be useless as they are. They are representations of a good genome. Stem cells and embryology give us direct proof of this correlated variation in different parts of the body.

And that's why no amount of plastic surgery can make you more beautiful. It does make u beautiful on camera in 2 dimensions on a TV screen, or from far away-but if you really get down to it-eventually humans can tell if you are naturally beautiful or not. Unless you are a teenager who is looking for just some attention and popularity-the real job of looking attractive is to attract a mate-and that means at some point in time they will get to see you naked, up close and personal in the bedroom. And then all the surgery and facelifts will show or be perceived (you can perceive thru other senses than just your vision). You cant fake 10 trillion cells-even if you can fake a nose or get some fake breasts or get a face lift. Just like the post earlier (see post here) I had about the futility of trying to lose weight-it is futile to try to look more beautiful.

What should you do, then? Focus your energy on finding someone who likes the way you are, defects and all. You may be just an average woman, and then just find an average man. Or you may be a hairy woman, then u need to find some guy who likes hairy women, or at least doesn't mind their woman being hairy. Or if you a bald guy, find someone who likes bald guys. There's lots of humans in the world-and you will find some who will like you the way you are. Focus your energies on finding them than trying to look like the hottest man or woman on this planet.

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  1. Maybe I don´t like the way I look and I don´t want to live with small boobs all my life. And there is surgery to change it!I think you could talk about inner beauty, people should focus more on the essence of things than on the surface, don´t you think so?
    Alita (waterlilly)
    -comment submitted by email.