Indonesia: BRIC should be BRIIC

We have all heard of BRIC, but I think the world is ignoring one giant country-Indonesia. It is the fourth largest country in the world in population, after China, India, and USA. It is bigger than both Brazil and Russia, and I think people are being carried away by the BRIC story. You will hear good things about Indonesia in the years to come.

 We should change that acronym to BRIIC-the two I's for India and Indonesia. Indonesia will be the fourth largest economy in the next few decades.
Sanjay John G.


  1. thank you, this is truly interesting, amid our pessimism as a countrymen here.
    may I copy paste your post to my blog? of coz i will identify the source. Thanks

  2. This idea of BRIIC to include Indonesia which I originally proposed here in this post seems to have caught on-good thing for Indonesia.