More egregious errors of Medicine-Mercury in Vaccines, Useless Yearly Flu Shots and Back Pain Remedies

Mercury/Thimerosal in Vaccines

I looked at some data on Mercury (thimerosal) in vaccines causing autism in children. There is lots of data-every researcher in the world has collected data to suit whatever they wanted to prove. Mere data taking doesn't lead you to good results-ancient Greek astrologers and all astrologers of even this day try to predict what will happen in the lives of 7 billion human lives individually by observing the motion of a few dozen planets and stars. They are as convinced about their good and meticulous data taking as these medical researchers are about theirs. Neither has taken a course in logic and reasoning, a course which used to be taught to university students in Adam Smith's times but someone has gone away now, a very unfortunate happening. Good logic and reasoning is highly lacking in medical research, and even in physical sciences (non biological-physics, chemistry, engineering) research to a large extent.

I came to know of two mothers who have autistic kids (in total, 3 kids). The mum of one is a smart woman, and she gave me this observation-when her daughter was vaccinated at 12 months of age, she just turned weird the next day, went completely blank. And she knew then that something has changed.

Mercury (Thimerosal) is already banned in the UK, Japan, Denmark and Russia. It is banned in the States of Colorado and California in the USA.

And the rest of the world is listening to this garbage data produced by medical researchers saying it is safe  to put mercury in vaccines! I am appalled at this!

You don't need to prove something is unsafe. You start with the assumption that stuff like mercury is unsafe-we all know of mercury poisoning from high school chemistry. Why these vaccines even became popular I can't tell, but now that they are, the very fact that mercury poisoning is a well known phenomenon should be enough to first ban these medicines, then decide if they want to release them. The status quo pervades-something which has been going on seems to continue to go on even if the logic of it was and is absurd at the first place.

The US FDA has a big role in this. They are followed all over the world, and it is because of this that in Chile we we still have vaccines with mercury in them. And most other parts of Latin America. Canada is also in this boat-until the US FDA does something, the medical community will forcefully inject these vaccines into your baby's body. There is another issue here of the medical community-mafia (doctors, American Medical Association, Canadian Medical Association, Chilean Medical Association, etc) using FORCE to make parents vaccinate their babies, which I think is completely wrong, these guys are not good scientists as a group and are claiming to take care of the general population by doing this-and most of these doctors and medical researchers can't even understand the black swan problem (Taleb)---that no amount of observations of white swans proves that all swans are white. But I will reserve this post about my conclusions on the subjects of more importance-errors in medicine like this one of mercury in vaccines.

Slowly but surely they will all ban mercury in vaccines. They move like the Church accepting heliocentricity-they keep struggling (in that case for decades or centuries) until they know that the pendulum of public opinion has swung too far in the new direction, and then they concede. The US FDA is fooled daily by these medical researchers and doctors-I have said before that all research coming from big drug companies like Pfizer and Merck should be taken with an extra lump of salt.

With mercury, that they are waiting to ban it is amazing. Chile even banned it for some time, but then has started to administer those vaccines again. Thousands of children will get autism before the medical mafia fails and mercury is banned in vaccines.

Yearly Flu Shots

Another error is this flu shot which is given every year. WHO (World Health Organization) has a massive campaign on that-they track the flu virus from country to country, and from one hemisphere to the other, and you are given a vaccine against THAT strain of the flu virus and it is said that you won't get flu if you take this for that winter. And every year the virus is new. The most popular virus is taken and administered, and you are told that you won't get flu.

What my personal experience, and adding up the experience of people around me who have taken this flu shot in several countries, is that you still get the flu. You get some other form of virus/cold. And the medical community has injected some useless vaccine into your body, often with mercury in it. Poor babies (adults seem to resist mercury poisoning better and that's why there are no reports of mercury poisoning from flu shots in adults. However, mercury amalgam is a big issue in dental implants for adults).

The science behind this tracking one strain of the Flu virus (they have scientific looking names like H1N2 etc) is really stupid. You are immunizing against one strain of virus-and we know that people are still falling ill with flu-because there are other strains, hundreds and maybe thousands of them, which infect the body. You are not able to prevent flu by this vaccine-why are you still promoting it? Obviously the drug companies which make these vaccines have loads of data to support that it prevents flu-but look around you, look at the number of people who fall sick with this vaccine taken, and the ones who do without the vaccine, and you will find no difference! PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS FLU SHOT EVERY YEAR! Garbage science, garbage research, money gone down the drain, and for babies, a little bit more mercury poisoning in their system.

I am no antivaxxer

I want to make it clear that I am not an antivaxxer! I have seen the benefits of vaccinations of DTP and MMR with my own experience; the infant and child mortality rates in India dropped from 50% in 1950 to about 0% in 1970 from these vaccination programs. I was born in 1971, and by that time vaccines were available, and there were very few deaths of children in the 1970s (my parents and other people tell me this). However, in the 1940s and 1950s, the time when my parents were born, and they recall that they were not vaccinated against DTP MMR, they did lose a large number of their siblings. With a delay of 30 years, this repeats in Chile. And with a delay of 50 years, in the USA and France (because vaccination was starting to get popular in 1920 in USA/France, and 1940 in Chile). The generations who were born after these years in the respective countries had low infant mortality; and before that, very high infant and child mortality.

Diet is ruled out as a factor because India remained a poor country in the 1970s. The improvement in child mortality is directly attributable to vaccines.

How to cure the flu/common cold and not get it at the first place

I am very sensitive to cold weather. Years of experience in many different places, hot and cold, and experience observing and talking with others, has led me to the conclusion that you can prevent common cold and flu almost completely if you stay warm. If you are wearing no winter clothes (insulation) and are dressed in a t-shirt and shorts/skirt, you will catch a cold if exposed for about 60 minutes when the outside air temperature is 20C (this  is approximate; people who are very sensitive to cold will get sick at 22C, while the tough ones will get sick below 17C). You will also NEVER catch a cold with the same dress if the outside air temperature is 25C or above. Temperature and body insulation is the most important factor for catching a cold/flu.

Staying warm is the surest way to avoid getting the cold/flu. As the air temperature drops below 20C, you need more and more winter clothing (insulation).

Common cold and flu are not contagious. If you are warm, it doesn't matter if everyone around you has the cold. It is like vaccination-if you are vaccinated, you don't care if other people around you are vaccinated or not. This has huge ramifications for children, who sometimes are forced to miss school because of the bad conclusion that the cold virus (or microbe) is contagious. I have a good deal of experience to believe that it is not contagious at all; and if you keep warm, you will not contract the common cold/flu.

Also important to note is that if you are in a temperature below 20C and are not dressed to keep warm, you will catch a cold. This happens to people all the time when the Air Conditioning (A/C) is too high. The solution there is to always carry some sweater or winter clothing in buildings which run the A/C too high. It seems to be that the flu/cold virus is always around us or even inside our bodies-but needs cooler temperatures to show it's effect. It is not necessarily contracted form other people having the cold/flu.

I have deliberately not gone into the details of what is flu vs what is the common cold, and what are the exact viruses (or bacteria-because some symptoms like phlegm are characteristics more of bacterial infections) which cause these. Medics don't even agree on this. I just tell you this from my personal experience-and I have gone for years without contracting the flu/cold. Even if you will come down with a cold after all this, it will be a mild episode, lasting 1 to 3 days. The symptoms and the suffering is considerably reduced if you remember to always stay warm even after contracting the flu/cold.

Another way people will catch a cold is from excessive exposure to cold water-e.g. by washing dishes, or by drinking ice cold water. This can happen in the summer or the winter-and avoiding contact with cold water will reduce your chances of catching a cold/flu.

Lastly, lemons, gingers, etc. etc. are remedies which are proposed as solutions for alleviating the symptoms of the flu. My experience is that none of these work. The best solution seems to be temperature control, firstly to prevent  you from falling ill with the cold/flu, and also to cure it fast.

Taking a pain killer like ibuprofen and sore throat reliever does help in reducing the severity of the symptoms.

Back pain

And now to back pain. This illness affects just about every male I know, and females seem to have a little bit less of it. I would say the percentages reported by surveys are pretty correct-80% men and 50% women will have a severe back pain episode at least once in their lives.

To cure this very common illness of back pain, not only do you have regular medical doctors with specializations-there is a whole farm of pseudo specialists-chiropractors, acupuncturists, kinesiologists, physical therapists, etc. The pseudo specialists go through elaborate training programs-lasting 3 to 5 years, which gives them the license to call themselves a chiropractor or physical therapist.  The pseudo specialists are pretty useless for back pain. In all probability they will cause you more harm than good-I will explain below what that is.

What I have concluded after having been treated for back pain by the medical doctors (the others, the pseudo specialists, are so useless I won't even bother discussing them further). These guys don't have a clue. The difference in treatment mentioned between doctors is proof enough that they are clueless. One will recommend you heat pack on your back, the other will want to to some surgery. Lots of imagery is taken: X-Rays, MRIs, etc. etc to make it look like real science and knowledge. Large amounts of stuff on sciatic nerve pain, herniated discs, etc. is created-with lots of latin looking names to give it even more weight with the public (being a stock (and options, bonds, currency, etc) trader I am aware of the biggest sham of all-financial analysts, technical analysts, etc, but there I recommend Taleb more than anyone else, he is the man there who knows this stuff much more than I do). There is some MD in Vancouver who is publicly talking about pressure points on the back. All kinds of bizarre stuff is being said by these doctors and specialists about how to cure or alleviate back pain. Here's what works, from gazing over the literature, observing people around me, thinking logically and rationally from the basic principles of Science, and in many cases having been subjected to some of these treatments.

Put ice on your back. You put ice on a forehead injury (the bump on children when they hit a low ledge), your chin when it swells up, your teeth when they hurt (the dentist tells you to put an ice cube), and sports injuries in legs and arms-we all know that athletes always ice their swellings. That is exactly what you need to do for your back. Why that works I don't know (there are 100 theories-it takes away inflammation-a play of words, numbs nerves, etc etc) but it works. Do not put heat on your back. They say that ice works for a few days but after that heat works, it is false. It is always Ice which works. Ice takes away the pain-gangrene is caused in extremely cold climates because you lose sensibility to cold. We also know that cuts and wounds hurt less in extreme cold, but hurt more in warm weather. People will bleed in cold weather but won't even feel the pain. All this says that  close to 0C temperature on your body is good if something hurts, and it is the same for your back. Heat makes it worse. There is a lot of obey-the-doctor effect you have to get over before realizing this-as Elon Musk (founder of Tesla, SpaceX, Paypal and Solarcity)-work from fundamental principles, not from analogy or what the doc says.

Pain killers work, if necessary go for injections. There are lots of them-NSAID, Cortesone, etc. but they work to take away the pain. They will not do you harm in the long run also if you take stuff which has been around 20 or 30 years at least. I hate to take the latest medicines-the lab rat is often your own body for these drug companies for newer drugs and therapies.

What does not work for back pain is exercise. In every painful injury of the body you are told that rest is good, but in back pain they say that the muscles will get weak if you stay too long in bed, and they make you move. Most of it is unnecessary-you will recover just fine after resting for a few weeks, the muscle debilitation is minor and is recovered by a week of walking or even standing up. But avoid exercise for a few weeks or even some months.

Herniated discs-the magic of MRI, X-Ray is used to confuse thousands of poor patients. Your body is muscle and bone, and other stuff in between. Discs are gel like-they are like muscle. All muscles, even for the oldest people (and animals) recover after rest. Even bone fractures will recover considerable for the older people-as long as the bone is immobilized well (the cast, of plaster of paris). There is never a need to get operations on herniated discs-they will recover. It might take months, but surgery is almost always a bad idea (no matter how much data they show you, the docs are very skilled at hiding the bad data of all these people who were not cured by surgery). Strange stuff like verterbrae fusion should be avoided as much as you you would avoid a severance of your arm. Even if you are completely bed-ridden after a really bad lift or shock to your back, your best bet is rest and regeneration/recovery of the herniated disc (discs).

We can learn a lot of medicine from animals. A cheetah sleeps 12 hours a day, and goes 0 to 100kmph in 5 seconds. Tigers, all carnivores, spend a lot of time sleeping around or just resting. That does NOT take away their physical ability-it seems to be a necessary condition for them to show massive agility in catching prey. You will not atrophy because you sleep a lot. No dog or tiger or cheetah did.

In modern workplaces, postures are blamed for back problems. There are posture specialists-ergonomists, etc. all kinds of "ists" which make them look professionals. They might be good people at heart, but 1) the science behind all this is bogus and 2) they need to make money, and will recommend you stuff just to keep getting money from you. The evolutionary argument that man was designed to walk around in the steppe or savannah or hang on trees has been gone for a few thousand years at least. It is a bad, very bad argument-non falsifiable as you might expect. What the human body was designed for evolution wise is not known (Darwin didn't say anything about this...he was insistent on looking at human as just another animal to understand physiology) and the very fact that there are 7 billion human beings on earth with most living in large cities with towers rising dozens of meters is enough to show that most of evolution design is really this...or we have successfully adapted to the office cube and the apartment and the car in our lives. There is no need to invoke historical evolutionary arguments for what humans are designed for-the large number of them alive and living well until their old age today is proof enough that we really are designed to live in modern cities and drive around (not walk around) look for stuff we like.

So anyway, what's the best posture for working in office cubes? Try to sit in a chair which is well padded. To simulate the horizontal resting position (sleep), which my mind is the best position to be in for back pain sufferers, you chair must have a large back rest. And you should lean back as much as possible, maybe 120 to 135 degrees. If that means you have your computer in your lap, no problem; try to stay as close to the 180 degrees sleep position as possible. That is the resting position for the body, as Physics tells you (ignore medicine-Physics is really an exact science). By lying horizontally, or slouching back in your chair as much as you can (posture experts hate this position; it is the most common natural position for office workers, because the body is pleading them to rest in a horizontal position!), you give the back the maximum support. This in turn reduces the stress on your muscles; who have full chance for recovery. I don't think a tiger or hyena could catch a prey if they were sitting in office chairs or constantly exercising; they need more than 15 hours of sleep, of lying in a horizontal position, to do well in the other 9 hours they are awake and hunting for food. We need to learn this from animals, and implement this in our lives, together with our understanding of Physics (mechanical support systems). So try sitting in your office chair like this-and you will see immediate relief from pain. The worse thing you can do is sit upright -that is almost like standing, and that will be very very hard on your back.

Anyway, with back pain, I leave you with the main summary-Rest is the best thing. Do not exercise. Do not put heat or hot packs, use ice. Ice packs are good for pain relief, swelling relief on a human (or animal body). Painkillers are good stuff-it doesn't matter how they work (Aspirin was discovered in 1890 and only in 1971 was solved the mystery of WHY it worked. Most of the medicines you take are empirically tested and designed from trying out similar compounds, and it is not known why they work), but lots of good painkillers-and that is real medicine, the good part-will take away your pain. Surgery to fix back pain should be avoided at all costs. And those Digital imagery they show you with all the defects in your spine-if you mix 10 images of normal people with 1 image of yours, the doctor or analyst can't pick out which one is the bad one. Those images are digital representations, open to interpretation, and they see what they want to see (problems). In fact your best bet is not even to get an X-Ray or MRI etc. for them.