The cause of the present financial crisis-not US subprime loans-it is unknown

The press and Governments worldwide, especially the US Government, has blamed the present financial crisis as originating from US sub prime housing loans and then "snowballing" into a bigger problem.

Just because two things are happening together doesn't mean that one is causing the other. There is no proof anywhere that the malaise in financial markets today was caused by the US sub-prime bets going bad (on part of investors and banks).

To attribute the cause to a liquidity problem doesn't say anything. Any financial crisis is a liquidity problem at heart, duh.

Nobody knows why the markets fell part this year; and more importantly, for the policy makers etc. around the world who are trying to "fix" this problem---you can't. Bailing out Bear Stearns seemed to have done it, then increasing credit to banks, then bailing out AIG, then selling Washington Mutual to Citibank...the list goes on. The end result is that the liquidity problem still continues---ergo---you aren't doing much at all to solve the problem.

They should all come out with hands up in the air one of these days and say 'WE HAVE NO CLUE WHY THE MARKETS ARE BEHAVING THE WAY THEY DO'.

A group of monkeys could get together to solve the present crisis-and it would have the same effect-none. This is no disrespect for my own species-but simply a fact that we don't know is a very good answer often times in our lives.

Long live Taleb.